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What You Can Expect From J&A

You want to be sure that if anything goes wrong with your home, someone will be there for you. When you rent with J&A, you become part of our family. Call us day or night, weekday or weekend. We will be there if anything goes wrong with your home.

We would never rent a home that we wouldn’t live in ourselves. You can be sure that every property we own, manage and lease is freshly painted, has great appliances and enjoys a great location in a good neighborhood.

What J&A Expects From You

Here are some policies that residents should be aware of

  • Rent due: Rent is due on the first of each month
  • What constitutes an Emergency: Though we’re committed to addressing any issues you may have with your home, please use good judgment when it comes to calling us after business hours. We consider an emergency a situation where damage will occur of action is not taken, such as loss of heat or hot water.
  • Insurance: Tenant is recommended to provide a proof of insurance prior to signing the lease.
  • Periodic inspections: We conduct regular quarterly inspections of the fire-alarm system.